The owner of Stanica is raised in Andrychów Józef Brzazgacz – a private entrepreneur, great enthusiast of horse riding and tradition. Horse admirer and breeder of the Hutsul breed, who transferred his great riding passion also to his daughter - Anna Brzazgacz, who has turned it into her educational path and, consequently, her professional work.

We run horse riding lessons for children, adolescents and adults. We also collaborate with therapists, expanding our offer with hippotherapy.

In addition, at the Stanica Hucuł operates the 4th Squadron of the Scout. 21. Regiment of Vistula Lancers and the Association of Traditions of Fathers with the Future of Youth, headed by Anna Brzazgacz. Together, we cultivate the traditions of the Uhlans, participate in the celebration of patriotic holidays, and organize family picnics that attract more and more enthusiasts to Stanica Hucuł every year.

Stanica is also an active member of the Małopolska Club of Recreation and Horse Tourism in Krakow. Tradition, the love to the Polish uniform and memory of events from the past - this is our motto.

Stanica Hucuł is more than just horses! We are also a guesthouse with a European standard, and we organize parties for different occasions, school trips, trainings and other events.

In the beautifully situated Stanica there is a wonderful playground for children and the Trail of Perishing Professions with unique exhibits.

4th SQUADRON OF THE SCHOUT. 21. Regiment of Nadwiślański Lancers

In Stanica Hucuł, operates the 4th Squadron of the Scout. 21. Regiment of Nadwiślański Lancers. It counts about 16 people. As part of our squadron, we continue the Uhlan traditions, take part in parades on the occasions of national and church holidays, and participate in the annual Meeting on the Grade of Pope John Paul II during the celebration of the Papal Day.

The 4th Squadron of the Scout takes part in events organized by the 21st Regiment of Vistula Lancers, to name few: “ride for carrot” which is held for disabled children; in August it sets out on a pilgrimage to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska; on 1st of September under Mokra near Częstochowa, pays homage to heroic fight of the 21st Regiment of Vistula Lancers.

Our riders also participate in the Papal Rally, in PTTK rallies, harvest festivals and other communal events as well as in sports and entertainment events.


Since 2018 in Stanica Hucuł also operates the Tradition of Fathers Future of Youth Association, whose president is Anna Brzazgacz.

The statutory aims of the association are primarily to cultivate regional tradition and unite communities from the area of Andrychów and surroundings. From the beginning, the association has been recognized and welcomed by municipal authorities, as well as other cultural and non-governmental organizations.

The Association brings together entrepreneurs, youth and adults who are willing to take initiatives and work together for the benefit of the public.

What makes us different?

The Association became the main organizer of the Ułański Picnic on the occasion of the Polish Army Day, which is traditionally held in our resort on 15th of August. This event has been permanently inscribed in the calendar of city events. On this day in Stanica Hucuł there is always plenty of attractions!